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A Natural Boost

Most energy drinks are loaded with excessive amounts of caffeine and sweeteners, causing your body to rev up with energy and crash a few hours later. Feeling jittery and unfocused leaves your body craving more sugar and stimulants.

More than just an energy drink, XALO Limitless offers a combination of natural ingredients that work synergistically to deliver the energy, focus, and hydration you need to enhance your performance. It’s a sustained boost, without a crash.

Recipe for Energy

XALO Limitless gives you an all-natural energy boost and competitive edge.* We take electrolyte-rich coconut water, add the natural energy of green tea, taurine and Korean ginseng, then finish it off with a mangosteen boost. It’s everything you need to get out and get active.

  • Fueled by mangosteen, XALO Limitless provides a natural energy boost from Korean ginseng, taurine, and green tea extracts.*
  • Focused with GABA and gotu kola, XALO Limitless sharpens your focus and gives you that extra edge throughout the day*
  • Flowing with natural electrolytes from coconut water, XALO Limitless hydrates your BODY for peak performance*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Janice Newland

LOVE Limitless, except it should be called Magic. Has transformed my life in a week. NO more need for coffee to kick start my day, waking up ready to take on the day with vigor, vivid dreams that I remember when I wake up, more energy to work out - in fact went to the gym at 8:30 last night, before Limitless, I would have been crashed on the couch at 8:30, not ready to go to the gym. This product rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Heimgartner-Cook

LOVING IT!!! Been drinking Limitless for a couple of days now...and after about 4 weeks of mounds of laundry piled up....I'm finally seeing the end! Only 2 loads left to fold and away!!! YES - Limitless gets a body MOVIN'!

Mary D Klein

Within 15 minutes of drinking Limitless I bent over to tie my running shoes up and, voila, 'something came over me' - felt like a bit of a rush and yet, almost like trying to catch my breath at first. At that point, I just felt as if 'something' was pent up inside and needed to be released - no way I could sit still - had to move. Just returned from a long, brisk walk with the dogs - still feeling much the same. I like this stuff!!!


Hello Limitless. Bye bye Red Bull.

Cat Parker

WOW!!! first impression of Limitless, tastes great! 10 minutes later...I gotta go do something, I feel great...they should have called this Unstoppable LOL...not jittery, just feeling strong, energized and READY TO MOVE! So, If you haven't ordered this...go, run and get it (ok, maybe you don't feel like running, but you will after you drink it ;-) add a scoop to your bottle of water and have an activity planned because you are going to want to get something done!) Work out, clean your house, go chase your kids at the park...what ever it is you wish you had more energy to'll want to do it!

Melissa Magee Nicholson

Limitless is the best pre-workout drink ever! I mix mine in my shake in the morning because I usually run crazy and then hit the gym in the middle of it. I feel it shortly after finishing my shake and then I'm OFF! I have been getting so many more things done between dropping my daughter off to school and my workout, then feel better than EVER during my workout and it lasts until the late afternoon/early evening! (I only use 1/2 a scoop!) And I'm sleeping like a BABY! No jitters, just focused and energized. I LOVE IT!!!

Niki Davis

6:10 am, I was downing a Smoothie, with Limitless, then hit the deck, running (so to speak!). Energy to spare during and after the gym. Energized and READY TO MOVE!

Tiffany Hanks Arrington

I now wake up at 4:30 to get my day going...down my shake, take Limitless and on the treadmill by 5:00am. I have 4 children of my own and watch three 2 year olds during the day. I am never tired and go to be at about 10pm. Limitless is amazing and allows me to everything done that I need to. Thanks XANGO!

Lizette Sandoval

I received my Limitless in the evening last week at about 5pm. I was going to wait until the following day to try it just couldn't wait! I took my Limitless at 6:05pm and at 6:12pm I was like WOW! I'M READY TO GO!!! I speed walked around the neighborhood while my 5yr old son rode his bike for 40 minutes and then did my regular Favao workout (resistance & cardio) right after…felt great...heart was not pumping out of control (and trust me I should know from taking diet pills w/ Ephedra back when it was on the market), no it!!! By the way, even though I took my Limitless so late in the evening, I wasn’t awake all night. I went to bed at my normal time and slept like a baby ;) Thank you XANGO, you've done it again!

Noreen Utri

So, Limitless arrived yesterday...Took a full scoop at 6:30am...then did the 300 rep challenge, then ran on my eliptical for 18 minutes (at a STEADY pace!), then jumped rope for 6 minutes, then did 40 more crunches......REALLY??? OH MY GOSH!

John Zenes

The first time I tried Limitless it was exactly 10 minutes later that I was thinking, "What just happened?" It was like my whole world was in HD. My peripheral vision was 360 degrees and I felt like I could do anything. I was driving and wanted to get out and run along side the cars. Each day the experience has been the same. My morning work outs KICK BUTT too! I increased my workout by 25% and at the same time cut the time down by 25%. With Limitless all things in life are just that.

Kaia Kalscheuer

OH Gosh - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Limitless. XANGO has done it again!

Nadine Kohn

I drank my water with Limitless this morning. Between 8 a.m. - now (10:03 p.m.), I am still alert. This Limitless is awesome! I plan to drink it before I go to the gym in the morning.Even my husband (at 73 yrs.old) says that he was walking like a spring chicken this morning and on to the afternoon.

Sharon Thiel

Oh my WORD!!!! Twenty minutes ago I was end-of-a-long-day wiped out, a little bit 'down', and thinking about two many things at once. Twenty minutes ago I took my first taste of LIMITLESS !!! Can you say no longer tired? Feeling confident? Focused on my next priority? Unreal! THIS is what I call energy: Not 'rushy', no jitters, just refreshed and into my second-wind!!

Val Andrews 11 AM EST, beds are stripped, mattress flipped, laundry in the washer and dryer, bed remade, housework complete, went and voted, made 1/2 dozen calls, dinner started ... guess I will go to the gym! Ended up house cleaning 13 year olds room, instead. Boy, is he going to hate me being on Limitless! LOL

Life is for living.

XALO is designed to make your good days longer and your hard days better. Our all-natural formulas focus on the causes of exhaustion, aging and daily wear and tear to let the prime of your life continue indefinitely.

XALO offers premier anti-aging products designed to address and even reduce the aging process holistically. The XALO product line includes Ageless, Limitless, Reload and Ignite. Brimming with ingredients found only in nature each one of our product formulations is specifically designed to help your body function at its best, naturally.Each product is based on the wholesome benefits of mangosteen and work together to increase your energy, stamina, muscle regeneration and help you regain that overall youthful feeling.

Getting older isn't a choice. We can't reverse the sands of time. But how we age — whether we choose to do it prematurely or with grace — is something we can control. You only have one body. Start now to reduce the signs of aging and live your life the way you want to. Become ageless, limitless, ignited and reloaded with XALO.

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